Warehouse logistics – for industrial and heavy-duty

With heated halls covering an area of 16,500m2 and an outdoor storage area of 60,000m2, we offer outstanding conditions for the storage, picking and distribution of industrial and heavy-duty goods. Crane rails that are able to lift units weighing up to 100 tons and heavy-duty forklifts with a lifting capacity of up to 55 tons enable us to provide efficient handling processes for light and heavy shipments of goods on our areas.           

Perfectly equipped for
storage, handling and picking

Securely packed For
shipping all over the world   

Be it to protect goods from negative influences in conventional transport tasks, to prepare them for transportation as sea freight or for use as long-term packaging, we ensure that you are provided with the ideal packaging for your load in accordance with the applicable international regulations. Make the most of our experience and rest assured that your goods will arrive safe and sound at their destination.

Do you have individual requirements?    

As a full-service provider, STL Logistik AG not only transports and stores goods but also offers its customers other opportunities to improve their efficiency. These additional services range from handling shipping management activities right through to making needs-based just-in-time deliveries from our distribution warehouses. We are happy to provide you with advice and assistance!

“With our company, your industrial goods are in the best of hands – safety and the greatest of care are at the core of how we think and what we do.” 

Lydia Oerter-Stockebrandt
Warehouse Manager at STL